god gotta shotgun

Copyright 2008 by Ewuare X. Osayande

god gotta shotgun
mowing down wolves & the caribou
riding high in his holycopter
paid for by
earmarks that’ve been blessed by the 700 club

all praises due
to the ones who brought you
abstinence-only education
on their way to a shotgun wedding
endorsed by the nra

vp in the image of aphrodite
spawned from the mind of mccain
the new face of patriarchy
hoodwinking at hockey-moms and joe six-packs
as she takes the ax to roe v.wade
reading last rites to women’s rights

who has the power?
he-man and she-ra
masters of the universe
multi-millionaire coldwarmongers
singing paul revere the remix
“the russians are coming”
“the russians are coming”

mccain as “rambo pt. 6:
the original maverick”
crying “country first”
white nationalism reprise
re-birth of a nation
here comes the calvary
riding in robes of white skin
sacrificing their sons & daughters
on the altar of a lie
brandishing the red, white & blue
as gang colors
initiating immigrants with
“pledge allegiance to the flag
or die!”

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